“The Ellementa Show” Introduces You to Amazing Women and Real Wellness

  A show that taps into women’s wisdom for wellness. Our Motto: Find Your Element. “The Ellementa Show” brings you special guest experts and authors discussing wellness topics to transform your life! From meditation to sexual wellness, from menopause to alternative medicines and modalities – we explore and bring you on a journey toward wellness….

Her Canna Life, Her Journey: Featuring Women in Cannabis

We interview and feature women in the Cannabis industry to inspire other women to educate themselves about Cannabis.  TELL US YOUR STORY If you want to be featured on Her Canna Life, fill out this easy form with our questions. We’ll publish your answers! MEET IN PERSON THROUGH ELLEMENTA Through our sister company, Ellementa, we are creating…

Her Canna Q&A: Libby Cooper, Space Coyote

I entered the legal cannabis industry in 2016 — this is my 5th year in the industry. My mission is to have Space Coyote be a national brand that is loved and trusted by stoners everywhere. My vision for cannabis is to have consumers fully lean into the recreational, psychedelic side of the plant.

Her Canna Q&A: Marie Montmarquet, MD Numbers, Inc.

I started working with cannabis over 13 years ago. My mission has always been focused on the healing benefits of the plant, not only medically but also the enlightenment that comes with freeing your mind from incorrect historic stigmas.

Her Canna Life Q&A: Katie Stem, Peak Extracts

In 2005, I received my medical card in Oregon and began growing a few cultivars for dealing with my struggle with Crohn’s disease. Somewhere around 2008, I started making strain-specific chocolates because I found that different strains had a very different impact on my symptoms.

Her Canna Q&A with Jessica Knox, MD MBA MPH, Doctors Knox, American Cannabinoid Clinics, and ADVENT Academy

I am an endocannabinologist – most people don’t know what that is because it’s brand new! An endocannabinologist is a medical doctor that specializes in the function, dysfunction, and modulation of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) with cannabinoids and cannabimimetic therapeutics. Cannabis is just one tool in our toolkit that we use to bring the ECS and the body back to health. I’m seeing fewer patients these days as I’m now spending most of my time educating other healthcare professionals and the general public about the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid medicine. Whether traveling to speak at conferences or working on our enduring educational content, I’m constantly trying to spread this information that I believe will revolutionize health and healthcare.

Her Canna Q&A with Megan Lyman, Cannibabe

After finding many medical journals studying people in Israel using high doses of THC suppositories to heal their bodies internally, I had a fire lit within my soul and I had so much hope cannabis would heal me.

Her Canna Q&A with: Tia Metropulos, Verano Holdings, LLC

“To any women thinking about joining the (cannabis) industry, I implore you to discover your ‘why’ before you jump in.” — Tia Metropulos, Senior Director of Marketing, Verano Holdings, LLC How would you describe yourself and what you do? I think of myself as a creative problem solver with a tireless, can-do attitude. As a…

Her Canna Life Q&A with Lisa Lytton, Moodboxx CBD

“Women—in a broad age range—are experiencing stress at very high levels. As someone who has lived this, I wanted to offer an experience just for them. I want women to take a minute to just feel good…” –Lisa Lytton, Moodbox CBD How would you describe yourself and what you do? I am an explorer. I…

Her Canna Q&A with Danielle Espinel, Cannalatino

My mission and vision is education. This is the most important tool we have to spread the truth; to end with the stigma that propaganda planted long time ago; to end with hypocrisy and to bring a healthier lifestyle to those who need it.

Her Canna Q&A with Casey Georgeson, Saint Jane

Casey Georgeson from Saint Jane said: For all those women thinking of starting their own Cannabis business, do it! We have a very unique opportunity with Cannabis – the potential is there both from a business opportunity, but also with the plant itself. How would you describe yourself and what you do? I am a…