Her Canna Life is a publication, a gathering, an exploration, a mission. We are women in and interested in a new and growing industry – legal cannabis.

Women have a chance to make their mark here. We are already leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Her Canna Life features the pioneers, the movers and the shakers, the products and the services, the events and the happenings – with women at the helm.

Find out about our sister site and network, Ellementa, for women interested in the wellness and healing aspects of cannabis.

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About the Her Canna Life Publisher

aliza-sherman-03-1000I’m Aliza Sherman, and I’m an entrepreneur in the emerging legal cannabis industry. When I first started Her Canna Life in early 2016, I wasn’t sure how the news would be received. Or more to the point, I wasn’t sure how I would be received being pro-cannabis.

I felt a little like an outsider, an interloper, a tech entrepreneur with over 25 years in the Internet industry but no experience with or exposure to the business of cannabis much less cannabis itself. (Okay, yes, I smoked a little in high school and college…all of that will be a story for another time.)

I immersed myself in the legal cannabis industry, focusing on what I enjoyed the most: educating and inspiring other women and making complex information more accessible.

I did the same thing when I founded Cybergrrl, Inc., the first woman-owned Internet company, and Webgrrls International, the first Internet networking and educational organization for women.

I wanted to create something that I personally needed: A safe, empowering space for women to learn about cannabis and cannabis business from other women.

I remember the first cannabis event I attended – one of Femme Nuri’s events in San Diego. I was terrified. I had no idea what to expect and was certain I had “Ignorant” written all over my face.

But I took pictures and asked questions and made contact with some incredible women like Cara Luhring from Femme Nuri and Ophelia Chong of Stock Pot Images. I left completely inspired and energized to keep working on the Her Canna site and Her Canna Life brand in order to give more exposure to women doing incredible things around cannabis.

At the same time, I launched a digital marketing firm, Spark The Creative, to bring my online marketing and writing skills to the industry. To date, we’ve worked with a wide range of national and local clients including a cannabis gourmet nut butter, a regional publication about pot, and a legal marijuana shop and the first cannabis job fair in Alaska.

All of this led to launching a sister site and offline network for women to gather in person to talk about the wellness and healing aspects of cannabis for themselves – AND their loved ones. Ellementa was born!

I half-jokingly say “Ellementa is Webgrrls for Weed” because it harkens back to my venture in the 1990s where I brought women together to teach one another about a relatively complex topic. The truth is, I see many parallels between Cannabis and Tech, and I am committed to making sure women aren’t left behind both on the business side and the health and wellness side of cannabis.

I’m thrilled to be part of an industry that is growing and changing. The challenges for all of us within this industry are real and many, but everyone seems willing to work together so we all succeed.

We’re all on the cusp of something so big and so important, for everyone. The benefits of legal cannabis are undeniable, and we’ll continue our mission to make sure women are seen at the forefront of this industry.

Won’t you join me?

Aliza Sherman

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