Her Canna Q&A with Danielle Espinel, Cannalatino

Danielle Espinel of CannaLatino said: “I am a passionate cannabis activist who is constantly educating the Latino Community about the benefits of this marvelous plant.”

How would you describe yourself and what you do?

I am a happy and extremely positive freedom fighter that believes that human beings have the right to be happy and the right to know the truth. I am a believer in the power of evolution and education and an enemy of injustice. I am a passionate cannabis activist that is constantly educating the Latino Community about the benefits of this marvelous plant.

When did you get started working with cannabis? What is your vision and mission for your professional cannabis endeavors?

I started in this industry about six years ago when I moved to Colorado and started using cannabis as a medicine.
My mission and vision is education.
This is the most important tool we have to spread the truth; to end with the stigma that propaganda planted long time ago; to end with hypocrisy and to bring a healthier lifestyle to those who need it.

What is your personal cannabis origin journey?

I have suffered from depression, PTSD and fibromyalgia for a long time. Which means that long time ago I was prescribed with several medications that were consuming me more than healing me.

Six years ago, when I moved to Colorado, a doctor in a hospital  recommended me to visit a cannabis doctor and from that moment my life changed completely.

Thanks to this incredible plant I was able to conquer my life again.

From that moment I decided that I had to tell my story and tell other people that there was a better choice. There was another alternative that had worked for me and might work for them, there was a path to a healthier and happier life.

What is your Superpower?


What has been your greatest obstacle in business to date – and how have you overcome it – or are you still working on tackling it?

There is too little cooperation inside the industry. I believe we should work more like a community instead of working just like an industry. We should support each other more and remember that we are not competing with other businesses, we are competing against ignorance and bad propaganda.

What would you like women to know about entering the Cannabis industry or exploring Cannabis?

This is definitely an industry where women have an important role. We are leading the path but there are still many obstacles to overcome. We have to stay together and empower each other grow like roots.

Connect with Danielle Espinel:

Instagram: http://instagram.com/cannalatino

Twitter: http://twitter.com/cannalatino

Facebook: http://facebook.com/cannalatino

Website: http://cannalatino.com

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