Her Canna Life Q&A with Carmen Milagro, Borbón Skincare a division of Divina Botanicals

“Our mission is to empower humanity to live beautiful, clean, healthy lives!”

–Carmen Milagro, Borbón Skincare

Describe yourself and what you do.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of The Year Candidate for 2020 Entrepren-Artist, Radio & Television Talk-Show Host, Inventor, Spokesperson, International Entertainer, Lyricist, Storyteller/Writer, Mentor, Advocate, Producer & Philanthropist.

Certified CBD Educator with integrative holistic approaches to skincare & life in general, Expert skincare content writer & advisory board member for LiveThriveCA Media / Magazine, PR Director for Heaven’s Door Cancer Foundation and 2019 Advisory Board Chair for U.N. Champion-Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Live.

Podcast Host of F.U. (Fiercely Unique) Conversations with Carmen Milagro; Women Who REALLY Rock (International) and CBD with my Favorite PhD.  And Former Head Nut at Peanut Butter & JAMMUsic Sessions for Kids PBJamm.org.

When did you get started working with cannabis? What is your vision and mission for your professional cannabis endeavors?

Shortly after my Mother passed away from Cancer in Jan 2013. I began researching and reaching out to other experts. In 2016 created my 1st formulation using Hemp CBD and fine-tuned it until we had a very successful soft launch of my Soothing Herbal Massage Serum in 2018 on our crowdfunding campaign where we were able to raise a little over 400% of our initial goal and came in the TOP 5 most successful skincare campaigns ever on that platform.”

Our mission is to empower humanity to live beautiful clean healthy lives!

What is your personal cannabis origin story?

I think this says it best:

Ms. Milagro’s origin and expertise comes from a life-long commitment and belief, handed down to her from her grandmother through her mother’s teachings in the kitchen and use of plant-based skincare solutions. She grew up using olive oil as a make-up remover, coconut oil as an all-over moisturizer and learned to cook with family. Those traits, combined with an insatiable curiosity, the imagination for “inventing & creating something out of nothing” has empowered her to create the Borbón Skincare line (Division of Divina Naturals)  based on the principles of her cultural heritage.

Shortly before losing her mother to cancer, she took turns caring for her. Although, certainly the most daunting and hardest task Carmen had ever taken in life, it also showed her how the market was lacking in premium effective reliable healthy alternatives to the normal “toxins-laden” personal care choices. She could not find a single massage product for her mother to help ease her sore aching muscles that was healthy, provided relief as well as hydrated her skin. So, she turned to the pantry & garden, returned to her roots and started making her own formulas to ease her mother’s discomfort. 

Later on after learning about Hemp CBD and the human body’s own internal endo-cannibinoid system internal she began to also incorporate pure organic, 3rd party-tested Hemp CBD into her formulations…too late to help her mother but able to now help others in her Mother’s name by creating her “legacy Hemp CBD company.

What is your Superpower?

My Superpower is “seeing what others do not and then creating something out of nothing with it” like writing my songs, or theatre production, to producing my podcasts, creating each new skincare formula or starting a new company

What has been your greatest obstacle in this industry or with your business to date?

The greatest challenge so far has been the seed / start up stage and generating a steady cash flow business on my own and/or finding the “good-it similar-minded social enterprise” additional  partner(s) to invest in a Latina-owned CBD businesswoman.

It’s been said that women receive less than 3% of investment funding in general. Imagine my odds as a Latina founder in the CBD/CANNABIS space? And yes I am bringing out that card because it is a true & honest part of my experience. I started at a time when I was just ahead of the GREEN-rush and I’ve come to realize that part of what I have had to do is “CBD educational marketing” and combined with other factors mentioned earlier, acceptance and growth have been a little slower than I would have wanted – until now.

The tide is definitely changing and although, I have not totally overcome this investment challenge entirely, I am working on it and finding INCREDIBLE opportunities because of my creative tenacious approach.

What is your vision for women in the cannabis industry? 

I would LOVE to continue grow and thrive together and to see and become a part of other organizations like Ellementa (because here the bar certainly has been set rather high!) 

I think true CBD sisterhood is paramount and your platform is a leading example. If one of us RISES we ALL rise! Creating a “good ol’ girls” mentality, network and building our OWN table is necessary. A place where we encourage, support and share ideas and resources.

I am currently writing my trademarked VLOG series entitled “CBD & MY FAVORITE PhD” a platform where Dr. Katerina Rozakis and myself answer CBD questions in quick digestible video nuggets. Would LOVE to have some ELLEMENTA experts on when we launch!

At the same time we must also remember not to self-segregate ourselves entirely. We also need to learn to how enter and become a part of the “good ol’ boys” clubs and secure our seats at those tables too. Here is a recent quote:

“There’s room for all us doing the right thing by helping people live healthier lives and using premium quality non-gmo, third party-tested Hemp CBD oil and other organic & natural ingredients in this industry.”

–Carmen Milagro, Borbón Skincare

Borbon is currently running a KATHY IRELAND promo on our website www.borbonskin.com for a 10% discount on our 30ml & 50ml Soothing Herbal Massage Serum. Use code KATHYIRELAND in the shopping cart upon checkout. 

Connect with Carmen:

Website: www.borbonskin.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BorbonSkin and https://www.facebook.com/carmen.milagro

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/borbonskin and https://www.instagram.com/borbon_founder

Twitter: https://twitter.com/borbonskincare and https://twitter.com/carmenmilagro

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