Her Canna Q&A with Laura Lagano, Laura Lagano Nutrition LLC

I am a healer and educator who teaches people about lifestyle choices that can change health outcomes. The teaching that I do ranges from one-on-one nutrition and wellness counseling with patients to presenting at conferences, and from consulting with companies to developing online cannabis education curriculum.

Her Canna Q&A with Amber Kampe, Ma’at Botanicals

A working mother, wife, herbalist, grower, Ayurveda aromatherapist, bookkeeper, and entrepreneur. I have over 15 years of growing cannabis experience, studied Ayurveda herbs and aromatherapy for five years, herbalist for five years, and have a college background of business management and accounting. I have worked with many dispensaries all over California including San Francisco and the Los Angeles areas. 

Her Canna Q&A with Pam Lane, So Hum Royal

My job with So Hum Royal is multifaceted. On the one hand I help on the farm and am half owner of the farm property, 42 acres in rural Humboldt County. Besides that, I do a lot of paperwork for the company to keep the farm compliant and following best practices. We are stewards of the land and have lived on it for over 20 years. We have lived in Honeydew for over 36 years and didn’t move there to get rich, but to make a lifestyle change that suited our family. But moving on, the other main part, and it’s the creative part of my role with SO Hum Royal, is that I make salves, bath bombs, topical body oils, and tinctures.

Her Canna Q&A with Lalita Khosla, Bad Mommy Edibles

I’m an innovator in the cannabis space, promoting the magical combination of
infusing excellent dark chocolate with excellent microdosed cannabis extract to
hyperextended, stressed out moms. Is there any other kind, lol.

Her Canna Q&A with Constantina “Mags” Karathanasis, Toast

I am a sales account manager. I spend my days meeting with buyers at dispensaries and delivery services, talking them through our brand’s product line, and setting them up for success with their customer’s unique needs. I love this work because so much of it is rooted in relationships: I genuinely care for the wellbeing and success of the people I work with, and want to help them increase access in their community to the healing potential of the plant.

Her Canna Q&A with Jenny Germano, ICS Consulting Service

I own and operate a Cannabis Compliance support business in Denver, Colorado. I assist licensed facilities to come into regulatory compliance and teach them how to maintain compliance in the ever-changing cannabis industry landscape. I provide State and local regulatory audits, State and local license application support, compliance operations training, employee retention solutions, employee onboarding, food safety certifications/ServSafe Instructor, licensed facility build-outs, HR compliance, and full-service dispensary launches.

Her Canna Q&A with Lucy Holifield, Sistah Buds, LLC

I proudly claim the label of “serial-entrepreneur”; it’s a reflection of the several companies I’ve founded. My latest venture is Sistah Buds, LLC., a wellness box for women featuring premium CBD brands—delivered to your door. My new claim to fame is the description of “canna-preneur.”

Her Canna Q&A with Carolyn Corrigal, The High Priestess Spirals

I am a multi-faceted creator, healer, and cannabis and wellness consultant who offers a unique approach to cannabis, shamanism, and whole health healing; combining ancient medicines with a modern lifestyle. Specializing in therapeutic, mindful cannabis, and plant medicine applications, and empowering deep personal transformations, my mission is to nourish the soul into improved health.

Her Canna Q&A with Amber Bacca, Trax Team Solutions

It’s always strange to admit this, but my passion is compliance. It’s something I can really sink my teeth into and since I learn so much every day, it keeps me challenged. I spend most of my time assisting licensed businesses and their employees. When I’m not consulting and training, I’m typically hiking with my puppy and dreaming up solutions for the industry.