Her Canna Q&A with Jamie Kacz, NORML Kansas City

I had an active role in leading the New Approach Missouri campaign to pass Amendment 2 on November 6. Missouri patients will soon have access to safe, convenient and affordable medical cannabis.

Her Canna Q&A: Samantha Kramer, DopeBoo

Our society and planet stand to benefit so much from reintegrating cannabis back into the American economy, I only worry about what challenges commercial sharks will bring.

Her Canna Q&A: Shanel A. Lindsay, Ardent Cannabis

Shanel A. Lindsay said: “I’m on a mission to see the new cannabis economy reverse some of the harmful effects of the War on Drugs.” Describe yourself and what you do. I am a cannabis activist, lawyer, and entrepreneur dedicated to creating technology to simplify and improve the cannabis experience. I’m also passionate about using…

Her Canna Q&A with Laurie Light, Octavia Wellness and Ellementa

Laurie Light said: “Cannabis is an ancient, non-toxic medicine that I believe can help reduce or replace many commonly prescribed toxic pharmaceuticals.” Describe yourself and what you do. I would describe myself as a health science educator with a focus on excellent customer service. I have worked as a project manager, trainer, and reproductive health…

Her Canna Q&A: Sabrena Peterson, RĒL

I handle sales and marketing for RĒL (pronounced ‘real’) which is an interesting balance between maintaining structure and coming up with creative concepts to enhance growth. We’re a very small team that operates like a family, and it’s an all-hands-on-deck approach to make sure it all gets done.

Her Canna Q&A with Kristina Adduci, House of Puff

I’m currently Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Art Zealous, an online art platform geared towards young collectors. I recently started smoking cannabis, but quickly realized there was a lack of options for females…

Her Canna Q&A with Stephanie Karasick, Strainprint Technologies Ltd.

Stephanie Karasick said: “My hope is that we can help continue to shape the medical cannabis industry into a thoughtful, compassionate and well-respected one.” Describe yourself and what you do. I’m a 46 year old mom and wife whose life had been so profoundly impacted by cannabis that it inspired me to help other people…

Her Canna Q&A: Emma Chasen, Sativa Science Club

I am a Cannabis educator. I teach people about Cannabis Botany, Cannabis Compounds, the Endogenous Cannabinoid Receptor System, Cannabis Products/Consumption Methods and Empathetic Patient Care.

Her Canna Q&A: Dr. Junella Chin, MedLeafRx

I am a chronic pain survivor. My goal as a physician is to help patients reach their optimum health, through prevention, proper nutrition, and always with support, empowerment and education. I specialize in Integrative Cannabis Medicine.