Her Canna Q&A: Shanel A. Lindsay, Ardent Cannabis

Shanel A. Lindsay said: “I’m on a mission to see the new cannabis economy reverse some of the harmful effects of the War on Drugs.” Describe yourself and what you do. I am a cannabis activist, lawyer, and entrepreneur dedicated to creating technology to simplify and improve the cannabis experience. I’m also passionate about using…

Her Canna Q&A with Laurie Light, Octavia Wellness and Ellementa

Laurie Light said: “Cannabis is an ancient, non-toxic medicine that I believe can help reduce or replace many commonly prescribed toxic pharmaceuticals.” Describe yourself and what you do. I would describe myself as a health science educator with a focus on excellent customer service. I have worked as a project manager, trainer, and reproductive health…

Her Canna Q&A: Sabrena Peterson, RĒL

I handle sales and marketing for RĒL (pronounced ‘real’) which is an interesting balance between maintaining structure and coming up with creative concepts to enhance growth. We’re a very small team that operates like a family, and it’s an all-hands-on-deck approach to make sure it all gets done.

Her Canna Q&A with Kristina Adduci, House of Puff

I’m currently Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Art Zealous, an online art platform geared towards young collectors. I recently started smoking cannabis, but quickly realized there was a lack of options for females…

Her Canna Q&A with Stephanie Karasick, Strainprint Technologies Ltd.

Stephanie Karasick said: “My hope is that we can help continue to shape the medical cannabis industry into a thoughtful, compassionate and well-respected one.” Describe yourself and what you do. I’m a 46 year old mom and wife whose life had been so profoundly impacted by cannabis that it inspired me to help other people…

Her Canna Q&A: Emma Chasen, Sativa Science Club

I am a Cannabis educator. I teach people about Cannabis Botany, Cannabis Compounds, the Endogenous Cannabinoid Receptor System, Cannabis Products/Consumption Methods and Empathetic Patient Care.

Her Canna Q&A: Dr. Junella Chin, MedLeafRx

I am a chronic pain survivor. My goal as a physician is to help patients reach their optimum health, through prevention, proper nutrition, and always with support, empowerment and education. I specialize in Integrative Cannabis Medicine.

Her Canna Women in Cannabis Q&A: Sirita Wright, Estrohaze

Sirita Wright said:  “What sparked for me was the innovation happening in cannabis…it intrigued me.” Describe yourself and what you do. This is such a hard question. I often shy away from describing myself and let other people do it so I don’t come across as too “self-serving.” All jokes aside, I am an entrepreneur….

Her Canna Women in Cannabis Q&A: Diana Eberlein, STILETTO Management & Arcane Revelry

Diana Eberlein said:  “Cannabis is an exciting industry for women with room for growth and innovation.” Describe yourself and what you do. I’m an experienced marketing professional with a background and expertise in entertainment and event production.  I’m an idea person who loves entrepreneurship and innovation, thriving on creating engaging and unique campaigns for brands….

Her Canna Women in Cannabis Q&A: Ashley Kingsley

Ashley Kingsley said:  “I hope to continue the dialogue and dream of a day when there is no stigma wrapped around the cannabis plant and the industry.” Describe yourself and what you do. I am an early adopter and serial entrepreneur with a love of connecting people, places and things. I started my own digital…