Her Canna Q&A: Emma Chasen, Eminent Consulting

I founded the company Eminent Consulting with my business partner to guide and influence emerging cannabis entrepreneurs to successfully implement a craft ethos and cutting-edge business model through scientific-based educational initiatives and authentic collaborative relationships. We also offer support to existing cannabis businesses and brands through the creation of educational community outreach campaigns and management consulting. We believe the cannabis industry needs more solid education and better relationship management skills – that informs all of the projects we take on. We also have workshops on the fundamentals of cannabis science, product info, consumption methods, and the art of consultative sales hosted online for industry professionals and lay enthusiasts to engage with.

Her Canna Life Q&A: Chef Stacy Primack, Tarukino

Stacy Primack said: “Women are excellent communicators with one another, and when the ladies get together, watch out cannabis world!” Describe yourself and what you do. I’m a Culinary Institute of America trained chef with 15 years of experience. I can fly by the seat of my pants sometimes, meaning I’m up for anything challenging,…

Her Canna Q&A with Kristina Adduci, House of Puff

I’m currently Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Art Zealous, an online art platform geared towards young collectors. I recently started smoking cannabis, but quickly realized there was a lack of options for females…

Her Canna Q&A: Dr. Junella Chin, MedLeafRx

I am a chronic pain survivor. My goal as a physician is to help patients reach their optimum health, through prevention, proper nutrition, and always with support, empowerment and education. I specialize in Integrative Cannabis Medicine.