Her Canna Q&A with Dee Dussault, Ganja Yoga

“I want to help people connect with the plant and avail themselves to its healing potential.”

Describe yourself and what you do.

I’m a relaxation activist, first and foremost. And I teach people about using cannabis and sexuality along with relaxation.

I taught weekly sold-out Ganja Yoga classes in San Francisco for four years, though I started it in 2009 in Toronto. I now do private sessions and pop-up classes in Los Angeles. My book, Ganja Yoga, came out in 2017 with Harper Collins. I launched a Ganja Yoga teacher training and certification program in 2018. I have trained sixty teachers and have over a dozen certified Ganja Yoga teachers across the country.

When not offering some form of Ganja Yoga, I am a sexuality coach and work with singles and couples in private sessions that focus on mindful loving, open communication, yogic practices to enhance intimacy, and sensual, non-genital massage. Needless to say, I’m a busy bee, so it’s important that I practice the relaxation and self-care techniques I preach!

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What is your cannabis origin story?

I am a late bloomer to cannabis, only developing a relationship to it in my late-twenties. When I tried in high school, I suffered extreme anxiety so had to give up on it for about a decade. Now we know so much more about dose, CBD, and set and setting, so I want to help people connect with the plant and avail themselves to its healing potential even if they too had negative experiences early on.

“When mixed with yoga, sensuality, sexuality, and other embodied, mindful, awesome parts of life, the effect is so much more pronounced. It’s a deeply healing, deeply spiritual plant.”

After overcoming anxiety, I started to see how cannabis could help me tap into feelings I wasn’t allowing myself to feel, while at the same time helping me to let go of obsessive thoughts and habits of mind. It magnetized and dulled, it brought energy and relaxation, serenity and insight, all depending on what I needed from it and the intention I brought to the consumption experience.

Whether it’s being used medicinally, spiritually, or “recreationally,” cannabis’ adaptogenic properties means it can morph and help each individual in the unique way she needs at that time. It’s like learning to ride a wave….

What is your Superpower?

Helping newbies to feel relaxed without over-coddling them. Weed users have always been an open, accepting group, so we want to keep that going as the plant goes mainstream.

What has been your greatest obstacle in this industry or with your business to date – and how have you overcome it?

No main issues for me, since I’m sort of on the periphery of the cannabis industry. Prop 64 meant people from other states or countries could come to class, so that was helpful, even if it carried with it some major disadvantages.

What is your vision for women in this industry?

For the first decade of offering Ganja Yoga I offered the first class free to women in the industry. It was my way of supporting, and making clear that there is, a sisterhood. This is the one major industry where many women are able to take executive positions. We can maintain healthy quality of life and balance if we keep the industry women-centric. I’m so excited to be a part of it and to know so many successful, powerful, inspiring sisters.

Connect with Dee Dussault

During the summer and fall, Dee Dussault will embark on a 10-year anniversary “Ganja Yoga Teacher Training” tour throughout the United States and Canada:

  • July 20th – Los Angeles

  • August 14th-18th – Toronto (Teacher Training 14th-18th; Public Class on the 17th)

  • September 3rd – Ganja Yoga Online Classes Launch

  • September 4th-8th – New York City (Teacher Training 4th-8th; Public Class – CBD only on the 7th)

  • September 18th-22nd – Montreal (Teacher Training 18th-22nd; Public Class on the 21st)

  • October 2nd-6th – Detroit (Teacher Training 2nd-6th; Public Class on the 5th)

  • October 20th – Oakland

Website: www.deedussault.com ~ www.ganjayogabook.com

Instagram: @ganjayoga

Facebook: Dee Dussault: Ganja Yoga, Partner Yoga, & Sex Coaching

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