Her Canna Q&A with April Olshavsky, Herbal Risings


April Olshavsky said: “Ladies, embrace your assertiveness and be tireless in your pursuits.”

Describe yourself and what you do.

I am a multi-biz founder, curriculum designer, career coach, and event organizer with an insatiable thirst for web development.

When did you get started working with cannabis? What is your vision for your professional cannabis endeavors?

I entered the industry professionally around 2013. My vision was first to promote accountability in the legalized cannabis industry. I started at a Phoenix medical marijuana dispensary and saw the need for more training for most roles within the industry. My mission grew into a desire to define what it means to be an informed cannabis professional.

What first started as a cannabis training company blossomed into a brand of workshops, educational courses, and retail CBD dispensaries. It is a family affair— myself, my husband of 21 years, and two adult kids all work some aspect of our companies. We live and breathe the industry. We love that we can all do it together as a family.


What is your personal cannabis origin story?

My journey first started as a patient, for the treatment of chronic pain associated with endometriosis. I have this condition that affects 1 in 10 women, it causes debilitating pain, and I had a ten-year delayed diagnosis. I was unable to work. Once I became an MMj patient, I saw my quality of life improve. I rejoined the workforce by getting hired at the dispensary. I built the inventory room from the ground up and was asked to be a contributing writer of the operations manual. Soon after, my husband and I co-founded our training company, Herbal Risings.

What is your Superpower?

Passion. I have this deep fire inside me that motivates me to push past challenges. I am determined, have an intense work ethic, and I apply continuous effort.


What has been your greatest obstacle in this industry or with your business to date?

The greatest obstacle is the lone venture into an emerging industry. The weight of leadership is heavy. If you want to be successful, you have to lead the way and have this responsibility to have flawed strategies, or it’s back down the ladder you go.

“My mission grew into a desire to define what it means to be an informed cannabis professional.” 

What is your advice for women in the cannabis industry?

My vision is to see women working with their brains and leading with their hearts. Ladies, embrace your assertiveness and be tireless in your pursuits. Be resilient, have thick skin, and don’t get addicted to approval. 

Connect with April Olshavsky:

Website: HerbalRisings.com

Instagram: whatsaysme

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