Her Canna Q&A with Ivy Gaitatzis, Token Events


Ivy Gaitatzis said:

“The future is female. I expect women will have a part in shaping the direction of the cannabis industry’s growth.”

Describe yourself and what you do.

I get really excited about jumping into new things! I am a connector with a passion for empowering vendors with resources that help ensure high standards and best practices in cannabis events. Curating and coordinating cannabis events for locals and tourists alike – that’s my cup of tea.

What is your vision for your professional cannabis endeavors?

I come from a decade of experience in wedding planning and special events. At the end of 2016, as the demand for cannabis events increased, I connected with cannabis vendors and subsequently brought the annual Cannabis Wedding Expo to California in 2017.

My vision is a variety of curated cannabis events that showcase local area businesses and grow a sense of community. My mission is to empower cannabis businesses to provide unparalleled brand experiences, business relationships, local products and industry education.

What is your personal cannabis origin story?

I had a thought in December 2016 that people probably wanted to experience cannabis events beyond the wedding scene. I started asking clients and friends about what city-centric experiences they’d want to see, and when many of them expressed interest in guided art museum tours with cannabis, I got inspired to bring it to life within a few months.

In those customer surveys, I saw a lot of interest in cannabis events on the bay. I agreed! And then I launched cannabis yacht tours in less than a year later.

I’m currently speaking with mayoral candidates and San Francisco residents about cannabis legislation and upcoming educational courses that certify cannabis vendors and hospitality professionals in dealing with cannabis events and customers.

What is your Superpower?

My superpower is connecting with others and connecting them with the resources that will help set them up powerfully for coordinating cannabis events and certified services like budtending.

What has been your greatest obstacle in this industry or with your business to date?

My greatest obstacle has been finding appropriate venues for cannabis consumption and events based on the county and city in which interested venues are located. I’m tackling this obstacle by offering certifications for hospitality venues, vendors and respective employees to serve and/or accommodate cannabis events much like TIPS certifications for serving alcohol. It’s important to me to align with city officials on these solutions.

What is your advice for women in the cannabis industry?

My vision for women in the cannabis industry is to be well-represented in the realms of legislation, business-to-customer, business-to-business, industry education and social impact. The future is female. I expect women will have a part in shaping the direction of the industry’s growth.

Connect with Ivy:

WEBSITE:  www.tokenevents.ca

Facebook:  Facebook.com/tokenevents 

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