Her Canna Q&A with Sasha Perelman, Forward by Revolver Productions

Sasha Perelman said:
“I believe there is much more to cannabis then “smoking weed and getting high.”

Meet Sasha Perelman at the Ellementa Gathering in LA on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 3pm. ellementala012818.eventbrite.com

Describe yourself and what you do.

I’ve been producing corporate events and building training programs for global brands for over 15 years. In 2014, I founded Revolver Productions, creating a revolutionary approach to venue sourcing and event production.

A dynamic sense for aesthetics, paired with my vision for massive action, has translated into tremendous momentum for my clients. I’m called to create events and experiences with purpose, whether they be small intimate gatherings or concerts for 30,000+ attendees.

I launched Forward in 2017, an experiential agency created for cannabis brands and consumers to engage on a thoughtful and visceral level, unparalleled in the industry.

Alanna You / @thelostangeleno
Alanna You / @thelostangeleno
Alanna You / @thelostangeleno

Our curated environments combine education, advocacy and awareness with immersive, memorable experiences. We’re dedicated to moving the industry forward. Rolling Stone coined our recent event: “The best pot party in California”.

I believe in The Law of Significance and Inspiration – you get back from something what you put into it. Every personal contribution is also a contribution to the collective.


What is your vision for your professional cannabis endeavors?

I started working with cannabis in 2017, when I moved to LA from NYC.

I had a vision to curate and produce experiences that help showcase the versatility of cannabis as a self-care tool.

I believe there is much more to cannabis then “smoking weed and getting high.” My vision for Forward is to design experiential programs that educate, entertain and connect canna-curious consumers. To create environments in which people feel empowered with enough knowledge to augment the narrative and perception of cannabis.

What is your personal cannabis origin story?

I started experimenting with cannabis as a teenager in the suburbs of New York (because all the cool kids were doing it). I loved getting high and creating. I’d smoke and write, cook, paint, do ceramics, go for hikes. It enhanced my focus and creativity tenfold.

I’ve always been an advocate but incredibly sheltered because I didn’t live in a legal state. When I came to LA and saw the variety of products available, the branding, micro-dosing, amazing women, unique events, I felt compelled to bring it all together as an immersive experience.

What is your Superpower?

Being a conduit. I have an affinity and passion for connecting people. It’s incredibly fulfilling to introduce like-minded people and watch their relationships flourish.

What has been your greatest obstacle in this industry or with your business to date?

Aside from all the legal red tape and constant evolution of the rules, the biggest obstacle is transitioning into the mainstream. I really believe that cannabis should be an integral part of wellness, fitness, spiritual expos.

A lot of these mainstream events are completely closed off to cannabis awareness or if they are open, require a huge financial commitment to participate. It’s certainly a challenge to articulate the value of sponsorships for events without having historic data to show ROI. My goal is to work on transforming that in the coming years.

What is your advice for women in the cannabis industry?

Collaboration is the new C-word.

The industry is full of profoundly creative women – hustlers and disruptors weaving delicate webs together. We’re proud to collaborate with incredible brands and partners in 2018, creating events we believe will revolutionize the industry.

I’d encourage women to get involved in the industry and stay open to their experience. It’s still a very developing industry and that comes with pros and cons. It’s important to be resilient and have fun because things are changing on a daily basis.

Connect with Sasha Perelman


WEBSITE: revolvereventsco.com/forward

IG: @forwardexperiential


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