Her Canna Q&A: Jill Trinchero, She Don’t Know

Jill said:
“Cannabis snacks are a way to relax and enjoy life, ease pain and anxiety, and just have fun. I think people often take themselves way too seriously.”

Meet Jill 9/28 Thursday 7pm at the Ellementa Portland Gathering at Tillamook Station. Get Your Tickets!

Describe yourself and what you do.

I have an active mind, and I tend toward constant motion. I love to solve problems and am willing to do whatever needs to be done which is lucky because there is a lot to do in a start up. I handle product development, quality control, compliance, administration, marketing, social media, messaging and some sales. My husband, who’s been leading the sales effort for SDK, describes me as “tireless” and “driven.” My daughter says I’m “persevering” and “super hard working.”

What is your professional cannabis story?

SDK products are gluten-free and 5mg of THC per serving. I just make things I want to eat. I’ve been gluten-free for about eight years and love a good cookie. Delicious, quality baked goods are hard to find even without cannabis. SDK’s are delicious and gluten-free!

A microdose of 5mg is perfect for me. It leaves me feeling relaxed but functioning. As a working parent I have a lot of responsibility and can’t afford to be stuck on the sofa waiting out a high. With a microdosed edible, you know what you are getting and can predict the effect.

My mission is to make delicious, gluten-free, lightly infused cannabis edibles that are healthy and good-for-you using quality ingredients locally sourced as much as possible.

Cannabis snacks are a way to relax and enjoy life, ease pain and anxiety, and just have fun. I think people often take themselves way too seriously.

What is your personal cannabis origin story?

The birth of my two girls left me with pretty severe anxiety and OCD. Once I weaned my youngest, I was willing to take prescription medication, some of which left me zombified. I hated that feeling and started infusing butter and further exploring cannabis. Edibles are discreet and don’t leave you smelling like an ashtray.

I created a microdosed cookie before I knew what microdosing was. A little bit was perfect for me. It eased my anxiety which helped me be patient and, in turn, a much better parent and spouse. A microdose of THC can take the edge off so nicely.

SDK got its start on the Oregon medical market in December of 2015. On October 1, 2016, I stopped everything to focus on building out a compliant kitchen and get through the licensing process. On December 30th, I became licensed and launched in 2017 in the legal recreational market.

It feels like this is where I am meant to be. I am able to help people, solve problems, and show my daughters that anything is possible with hard work. I never thought cannabis would be a business opportunity, yet here we are! It’s not easy, but it’s happening.

What is your Superpower?

I stay calm in the midst of chaos. I can navigate red tape & bureaucracy with laser focus. The rules for legal cannabis businesses in Oregon are oppressive, and finding a way to follow the rules, navigate administratively and keep up with the changing regulatory landscape requires a superpower. I guess I’m fortunate. I never thought about it that way.

Also, I’ve been told I’m an excellent party guest, and I consider that a Superpower. If you can’t have fun, what can you have? A cookie? OK! I’ve probably got one, and that will help with the “not having fun” problem.

What has been your greatest obstacle in this industry or with your business to date?

Oregon’s regulatory agency can announce a change at 5:00 p.m. one day, and it takes effect the next morning. Packaging is an example. The majority of the cost of getting product to market is packaging. I could bring costs down and be a lot happier with the look of the product on the shelf if I knew the rules would remain in place for the next 10,000 packages sold. Print minimums range from 10-30K, and lead times can be several weeks.

Rules continue to change, so investing in printed materials is a gamble. I hope the Commission will settle on reasonable rules so small businesses can still afford to operate. SDK is self-funded. We’ve got a lot riding on this.

I don’t believe it was the intent of Oregon voters to have regulations for legal cannabis that work only for the rich and powerful.

There are issues like this to tackle regularly. We need to overcome them, so we do.

What is your advice for women in the cannabis industry?

If you’re looking to start a cannabis business, be patient, stay focused, and know the rules. There are a lot of barriers to entry.

There is strength in knowledge and a calm clear voice is almost always the way to make yourself heard.

If you are exploring the benefits of cannabis consumption, start small. A few milligrams of THC can take the edge off while allowing one to keep their wits. SDK snacks are a way to feel relaxed, kind, and happy. It’s amazing that a little treat can bring so much happiness. The world would benefit from more delicious gluten-free cannabis snacks!

Meet Jill 9/28 Thursday 7pm at the Ellementa Portland Gathering at Tillamook Station. Get Your Tickets!

Connect with Jill

Website: www.sdksnacks.com

Instagram: @sdksnacks.com

Twitter: @sdksnacks

Products: New savory micro-dosed C’est La Herb crackers are gluten-free and delicious! They are flavored with butter, Herbs de Provence and finished with Maldon flake sea salt. They come packaged in individual 5mg servings sold by the single 5mg, 5 pack 25mg, and 10 pack 50mg.

SDK also has a vegan, raw, coconut bite and a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. Yum!

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