Her Canna Q&A with Becca Williams, Cannanaut

Becca Williams, Cannanaut

I create communal experiences that support transformational healing and awakenings with the support of cannabis as a “spirit plant.”

Describe yourself and what you do.

I suppose to ground it in mainstream language, you could say I’m a long-time cannabis advocate advancing states of higher consciousness. But shorthand, I’m a ceremonialist or a plant spirit guide. That is, I create communal experiences that support transformational healing and awakenings with the support of cannabis as a “spirit plant.”

This approach is what I call the “third wave” of cannabis. I believe that cannabis is all about wellbeing, whether it’s the first wave known as “recreational” – what we now call “Adult Use” – or the second wave that’s known as “medical cannabis.” And, in this third wave, I get to support others in their intentional use of cannabis in holistic mindful “journey” work.

Of course, you don’t just fall into something like this. I’ve been a group facilitator, speaker and mentor for personal and collective transformation for more than 20 years. I’m a serious student of difficult emotions and am blessed to train extensively in emotional liberation with a master of ancient Eastern lineage. My skills and passion emerge from a synthesis of ancient Vedic practices, including plant medicine, cutting-edge brain science, and a mastery of intuition.

I essentially synthesized my life’s work into a ceremonial tradition because, as humans, we have a profound yearning for connectedness to self and to others. Communal gatherings like I offer help to deepen our experiences of life and add richness and meaning, something that is so desperately needed in our modern distracted lives.

What is your cannabis business origin story?

I actually launched my media company producing a TV show called “Marijuana Straight Talk” with the express intention of promoting the “conscious business” aspect of cannabis. We highlighted the people and businesses that were focused on creating a values-driven and sustainable cannabis-based economy. We produced four pilots that ran on Free Speech TV Network; they actually were some of the network’s highest-rated programs.

However, my media company had a two-pronged approach and the other prong won out. As I had envisioned it in my business plan, the television show would be the outward expression of how cannabis could help transform our society and Cannanaut, to be launched later, would promote the inward expression where cannabis was used as an agent for inner-transformational change.

The deeper I got into my studies of emotions I was struck by the widespread poverty of spirit that is permeating all aspects of our culture.

We are a society plagued with anxiety, depression, self-doubt, sadness and more. As Deepak Chopra said, “Unless there’s a personal transformation, there can be no social transformation.” I decided to do a dramatic pivot with my business. I essentially put Marijuana Straight Talk on ice in order to begin introducing my Elevation Ceremonies, small and local at first, and then taking them online.

What is your personal cannabis origin story?

Cannabis has been an enduring presence in my life since college – supporting my emotional health and well being. I suffered from a lot of anxiety and trauma from a difficult childhood and discovered early that the plant had the remarkable ability to tame my difficult emotions.

For quite some time, I’ve been working experientially with the plant and meditative approaches and in the last couple of years discovered esoteric Eastern practices that, when paired with various strains of cannabis, are emerging as an effective framework for bringing folks together in, essentially, healing ceremonies.

What is your Superpower?

I don’t know what my ‘super power”is exactly but I know what I love to do – so maybe that’s the same thing. I love to create conscious community, which is something I’ve been doing most of my life through my media and leadership work.

And now, through my Elevation Ceremonies, it’s such a gift to be able to help support people in healing from emotional turmoil so they can live their best life and realize their highest purpose. That’s where happiness lies.

We do our best work when we’re clear and centered.

What has been your greatest obstacle in this industry or with your business to date – and how have you overcome it?

Remember that third wave of cannabis I was talking about? It’s early and innovative … and the cannabis community is essentially just getting wind of it. So my challenge is to ride the wave of steady recognition and growth of this sector through educating and supporting folks who are choosing to use cannabis with intention.

What is your vision for women in this industry?

We do our best work when we’re clear and centered. But so many women, in and out of the industry, are confused about their magnetism and nagged by self-limiting beliefs that decrease their personal presence or, even worse, repel others.

My vision is that women who dance with our remarkable and versatile plant can serve as role models in discovering ways to consciously be in touch with themselves at the deepest and most intimate level. We have much work to do in transforming society but first we need to get right with ourselves. The plant can help. I’d suggest that joining us in an Elevation Ceremony would be an excellent start!

Connect with Becca

WEBSITE: Cannanaut: Exploring Higher Consciousness with the Support of Cannabis – Cannanaut.com

Facebook: Cannanaut with Becca Williams
Instagram: Canna_naut
Twitter: @Canna_naut
Meetup (in Denver): Elevation Ceremonies & Intentional Conversations
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/becca-williams-b827ab7/

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