Her Canna Q&A with Doreen Sullivan, My Bud Vase

Doreen Sullivan, My Bud Vase

“I am more than just a cannabis enthusiast; I am a successful businesswoman and a busy mother of two. “

Describe yourself and what you do.

Others tell me I have a magnetic and infectious energy, but the reality is, I just love to create and being able to help others on their journey encourages me. The greatest compliment I’ve received is a quote from one of my clients describing me as “outrageously original and able to inspire others to be wildly inventive and resourceful.”

I strive to be worthy of that compliment every day.

In a business capacity, I am a creative strategist who specializes in maximizing the influence of commercial creativity by pushing the boundaries on unforeseen opportunity. In short, I am driven by creating as much as possible as often as possible. “Creativity in motion” is not only my slogan, but the mantra I passionately live by. If I can see beauty and create every day, I am happy.

What is your cannabis origin story?

I have had a long love affair with cannabis as a born-and-raised Californian, but officially got my start working in the industry in August of 2015 with the creation of My Bud Vase™.  When I founded my advertising company Post No Bills (go to postnobills.com) I used to tell people
that my secret passion was to work in a flower shop.

When something is always in your mind, you find a way back to it. There are signs all along your journey if you know where and how to look.

The inspiration for My Bud Vase™ came one afternoon when I had friends coming over after an incredibly frustrating day. I’d just gotten high and I realized that my guests would be coming over any minute so I rushed to hide my bong amongst a group of vases. When my plans fell through, I sat there looking at vases and boom it hit me!

“Damn, this gorgeous Venetian vase would make an amazing piece!” I thought as I sat there staring at the collection of vases.

While this wasn’t the first time I’d ever hidden a bong, it was the first time the “light bulb” went off for me. As someone who has smoked since my teens, I was irritated with the perception of the lazy stoner mentality and sick to death of the misrepresentation of women in the cannabis industry. I knew then, this was my opportunity to make a difference.

I am more than just a cannabis enthusiast; I am a successful businesswoman and a busy mother of two. I’m not alone in the narrative of a thriving stoner, either. There are so many misrepresentations in the industry, and I am passionate about changing them.

What is your Superpower?

Hands down, creative vision. I can see opportunities other people don’t see and instantly “connect the dots” on a product, space, or energy; in turn this has lead me down an incredible 30-year journey in the entertainment industry that I can now bring to the world of cannabis.

The saying goes “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” My Bud Vase™ is becoming that dream realized.

What has been your greatest obstacle in this industry or with your business to date – and how have you overcome it?

We have finally figured out a process that prevents breakage of our one-of-a-kind pieces. Protecting our product was a long and painful journey for us, but thankfully we found a solution that works for our team and our buyers. No one wants to open a package of broken glass.

What is your vision for women in this industry?

To make epic change in the most beautiful of ways. People need to realize they are going to get to witness an industry evolve with enormous compassion and creativity; not feminist power but genuine feminine energy. To think I created a product that would sit beautifully in this ever-changing market is an honor and privilege. The women in this industry inspire me every day, and I hope to inspire others.

Connect with Doreen

Website: MyBudVase.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mybudvase/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mybudvase/

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