Her Canna Q&A with Holly Alberti


Holly Alberti, Healthy Headie

We believe everyone should have access to information, education and quality cannabis products and services.

Describe yourself and what you do.
I am a creator, visionary, being, founder, mentor, advisor, mentee, model, collaborator, contributor, advocate – current CEO of Healthy Headie Lifestyle, principal at Best & Bliss consulting, active cannabis community member. Activating and invigorating conversation through interaction and expanding the acceptance of cannabis.

Challenging the perspectives and continuing to break down stereotypes. Leading by example and focusing on social responsibility through conscious consumption. Education is important for all, as consumers, we have a choice, I want others to be the change they want to see. We can use our dollars to vote for what we want and to support companies that reflect our beliefs.


What inspired you to start your company?
Healthy Headie Lifestyle was incorporated in 2013, officially launched in Massachusetts in 2014.

Our mission is to impact people’s well being through cannabis and a Healthy Headie lifestyle. Through a direct to consumer, social shopping experience, our network of community consultants, service their local economy, creating stimulation and providing a source of trusted information, education, products and services, in-home, instore and online.

We believe everyone should have access to information, education and quality cannabis products and services. We are the catalyst for social change, conscious consumption, responsibility, and sustainability showcased through the cannabis lifestyle and a social selling platform.

We believe we can safely introduce conscious consumption of cannabis across the globe through a unique social selling channel and stimulate local communities through a network of independent business owners.

We created a new twist, on an old model, for a new industry. Through a community of brand ambassadors and consultants, consumers can now receive a hands on overview of cannabis information, education, devices, accessories and tools in the comfort and privacy of their own home. We have been tagged, The Maryk of Maryj and much better than your mom’s Tupperware party.

What is your origin story for your canna business?
I enjoyed cannabis in my late teens, after graduating high school I used cannabis for relaxation purposes, quickly learning that it was doing much more for my overall health and wellness. Alcoholism was something I was exposed to at a very young age, I saw many struggle many times losing their careers, families and their lives. I found cannabis to be a better alternative to drinking, no hangover, no liver damage, however it was not socially accepted and had a strong stigma on the east coast where I live at the time.

During one of my professional occupations I was subject to random drug tests. I began to increase my alcohol consumption and stopped my cannabis use as I feared failing the drug test. Immediately I saw changes in my mood, sleep, pain, anxiety, depression, physique and overall health. I knew very well the damage that alcohol was doing to my organs but it is socially acceptable and a “safe” way to relax and unwind, right? During that time I watched families lives crumble from alcohol abuse. Too close to home, I decided to stand my ground and listen to my heart and reintroduce cannabis back into my life and cut out the alcohol.

At that time, I began to dig deeper, researching cannabis as a healing herb, finding many eye opening reports. I became frustrated recognizing the hypocrisy of prohibition, the war on drugs the false and misinformation that is still being perpetuated to this day in many states.

I felt driven to spread awareness and knowledge, I felt this was something we should all know about and have access to. A safe alternative, used for centuries and even listed in the US pharmacopoeia as a useful drug for treatment of numerous afflictions should not be prohibited.

I wanted to make sure people had access to information. I came across many people who, for a number of reasons, family, careers, benefits, could not talk openly about cannabis. They were left with little resources and lots of misinformation. I felt a burning desire to be the voice for those who could not speak out about their support or use of cannabis. There are many people for many reasons who still can’t express their true feelings for the plant. Friends who fear losing their children as others have. I am often told, “I LOVE your posts on facebook, social but I can’t ”like“ them, my company might see and I might loose my job, benefits, retirement, partner…..”

To me this is unacceptable, I don’t agree with federal prohibition and believe we should repeal and allow cannabis to be a natural alternative and supplement. Parents should not be demonized when looking at this as an alternative for their children’s alignments, professionals should not have to dodge drug tests fearing that they may lose everything they have worked so hard for.


I was very active in my local business community and sat on the executive board at my local chamber of commerce. I was perceived as a professional, not a pot smoker – I took that opportunity to use my professionalism and start to ignite conversations with town officials, other business professionals and those whose respect I had earned. I came out of the “Canna Closet” to all of my constituents and colleagues in 2011 after my return from Oaksterdam University in California. A school teaching the history, politics, science and business about cannabis. Soon I become a resource for those seeking discreet information and assistance about cannabis. Cannabis brought me here.

What is your Superpower?
I can talk to anyone. I can also see through people and I exude positivity.

What has been your greatest obstacle in this industry or with your business to date – and how have you overcome it?
Speed bumps,roadblocks and detours.

Federal legalization creates many headaches for us all. When we launched in MA, we had limitations on who we could market to. We still face challenges when it comes to advertising, marketing or simply sharing information that other companies would have no problem doing. Restrictions on marketing is one of the reasons we built Healthy Headie, allowing us to showcase top quality products and disseminate out through our network. We created a solution to the restrictions and assist many smaller businesses that we work directly with to gain more exposure through our programs.

Financial limitations with traditional investments and credit card processors has created unforeseen delays for us and many others in the cannabis industry.We have lost our credit card processors several times which delayed and cost us much more than just monetary resources. We continue to overcome these obstacles by remaining agile and creative, adjusting accordingly to persevere through.

What is your vision for women in this industry?
My vision for women and for all, is a level playing field. We should all have access to the same opportunities no matter, who we are, what we look like, where we are from. I felt as though we had the ability to mold this industry in its infancy, creating what we want, unlike other existing industries. Right now federal restrictions are limiting the larger businesses from participating, however that won’t always be the case. We need to all work together, collaboratively to create an inclusive industry and to develop an environment we can all thrive in.

Just like any industry, women should do their research, be prepared and set themselves up for success. Be wise and use your intuition. Females tend to be empath healers are and many drawn to this industry to help others, stay true to your intent. It’s important to represent – take a seat at the table, participate in the conversation, speak up, get involved, support one another. We must all participate and be the change we want to see. Create what it is we want.

Connect with Holly

Instagram: @healthyheadie

WEBSITE: HealthyHeadie.com

Twitter: @HealthyHeadie

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