Her Canna Q&A with Jenna Bartell

Jenna Bartell,
West Coast Distributors

I want to help others feel good about accepting and incorporating cannabis into their lives.

Describe yourself and what you do.

I am a dynamic, driven professional who helps cannabis newbies and connoisseurs alike be able to embrace marijuana more fully into their lifestyle. Through companies that educate and deliver unique quality products, I anticipate being involved in this overdue awakening for a long time to come.

What is your vision and mission for your Canna endeavors?

West Coast Distributors is a team of four health-conscious parents focused on discovering and delivering to the marketplace high quality, high value lifestyle products (aka paraphernalia). Our mission is to help consumers incorporate cannabis into their lives in a responsible way that works best for them. In addition to promoting great products, we believe in increasing awareness and providing education wherever we can.

My vision is to help provide various avenues for people to learn about the amazing healing powers of cannabis. People learn so many different ways that we need to respect that and make information available to all of those types of people in any way we can. Authenticity, integrity and responsibility are the core attributes I strive to represent in everything I do.


What is your Origin Story?

Always a seeker, I grew up curious about everything.

When facts and evidence point to an obvious truth – like the healing powers of cannabis – then I enjoy being part of that challenge of bringing light to the shadows and understanding to the unknown.

I didn’t grow up with the same stigmas around marijuana that most Americans did, so I think my acceptance of it occurred faster than many. My personal story is about how to be healthy, fit, and better able to balance business & mommy-ness. I want to help others feel good about accepting and incorporating cannabis into their lives.

What is your Superpower?

P.H.I.R.E. – Passion, Humor, Intelligence, Respect, Enthusiasm

What is your vision for women in this industry? What are some barriers they might face, and what is your advice to them?

My vision is for everyone, not just women:

If we approach this from an integrated and balanced perspective, then we can work together to focus on what really matters: building a responsible, sustainable industry. We all need to find & own our authentic selves. And be confident and comfortable in all facets of who we are and what we do.

Through years of helping develop others, the main barrier I witnessed was the person herself; an individual is often her own most limiting factor. Outside of ourselves, I think we face two main factors:

1) the social stigma around how successful women can be; and
2) the lack of access to the same support that non-federally controlled industries easily have available.

My advice is to persist, to develop a strong network, and to make choices that are right for you and right by others.

Connect with Jenna

WEBSITE:  www.westcoastdistributors.com
FACEBOOK: jenna.b.bartell
LINKEDIN: jennabartell
TWITTER: @jennabartell

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