Her Canna Q&A with Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh PhD

Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh PhD, Executive Director of Education & Cannabis Patient Consultant, Fleurish Farms

After finding so much benefit from the cannabis plant, personally, I felt called to work in the cannabis industry and help other patients navigate this complicated process of using medicinal marijuana for self care.

How would you describe yourself and what you do?
I’m a cannabis patient consultant. I help cannabis patients hone in on the best strains and methods for their particular needs and individual biochemistries. I also teach new patients about cannabis basics and help them create customized cannabis plans that fits their needs.

What is your vision and mission for your Canna endeavors?
I am really passionate about cannabis education. There are so many variables in cannabis use, it can be hard for a lot patients of patients to find the right option for them. My mission is to help those patients who are struggling with negative side effects, or inconsistent results get consistent help from their cannabis use.

Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh PhD and Ashley Woodbury
Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh PhD and Ashley Woodbury

What’s your Cannabis Origin Story?
I use cannabis to treat multiple chronic pain conditions. Before I used cannabis, I was on several prescription medications, but after a few years the prescriptions stopped working. Unfortunately, I was incredibly addicted to the medications at that point and I couldn’t stop them without going through a lengthy and painful withdrawal process. With help from cannabis, I was able to replace and withdraw off of the dangerous and addictive prescription medications completely.

However, during this process I found there was a huge learning curve before I was able to figure out which cannabis products actually worked well for me. Sometimes the cannabis would work incredibly well, and other times it seemed like it was making things worse, giving me negative side effects like anxiety or headaches. It was a learning process that involved a lot of uncomfortable highs and money wasted on the wrong strains.

Eventually, I started to utilize some of the tools I had discovered through my academic research. My doctorate and academic expertise is in research methods, and specifically methods used to study subjective internal states like happiness, compassion or pain. With cannabis, I was needing to track my own subjective reactions to different types of cannabis. So, I started to create methods to track cannabis experiences and all different variables involved. Soon, I had narrowed in on the strains, methods of consumption and environmental factors that worked well for me, and those which did not.

After finding so much benefit from the cannabis plant, personally, I felt called to work in the cannabis industry and help other patients navigate this complicated process of using medicinal marijuana for self care.

What is your Superpower?
I think my super power is my ability to play the detective. By listening, and asking the right questions, I can usually figure out what cannabis options are best suited to a particular patient.

What has been your greatest obstacle and how have you overcome it – or are you still working on tackling it?
The biggest obstacle has been the taboo reputation of cannabis. Even with so much scientific research backing the many medical uses of cannabis, many people are afraid to be associated with it. This has at times presented problems in terms of renting office space, getting a bank account, or using conventional routes for marketing. It took a lot of creative problem solving to get beyond these issues, and they are a big problem for the industry at large. To make real change we need to continue to educate about the science beyond cannabis, and advocate for cannabis patient rights.

What is your vision for women in this industry? What would you like women to know in general about Cannabis?
In some ways my vision for this industry, in reference to women, is the same as it is for every industry; that the women involved have the same opportunity to thrive as their male counterparts. What is so exciting is that it seems more possible in the cannabis industry than others because so many women are getting involved as the industry is being built. Having a strong base of powerful women in cannabis, may help keep things balanced as the industry matures.

Note to the reader: Emily offers phone consultations for patients everywhere at mindfulcannabis.com. For patients in California, she offers free consultations and custom product regimens at FleurishFarms.com.

Connect with Emily

Twitter: @eearlenbaugh
Websites: MindfulCannabis.comFleurishFarms.com
Social Media:
MindfulCannabis on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
FleurishFarms on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
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