Banned by Mailchimp: Women’s Health and Cannabis

Update: as of 13 June 2016, Mailchimp responded and reinstated our account after “human” review of our content. Here’s what they told us:

Taking a look at the account we can see that Omnivore, MailChimp’s Abuse Prevention System, detected content or activity that may have indicated that harmful information was to be sent through our service and placed the account on hold for a human review process. 

While it does contain content related to the marijuana industry we can clearly see that this content does not promote the online sale or illegal use of the product and we can verify what was stated in the email we received. 

Here’s what happened to us:

Our Mailchimp account was recently suspended after we sent our first email newsletter. Our topic? Women’s Health and Cannabis. We did not encourage people to do anything illegal. We don’t sell anything illegal. We simply compiled some recent articles about Cannabis as it pertains to women’s health including articles about Whoopi Golberg’s new company, Whoopi and Maya, and new products for menstrual relief as well as Walgreen’s blog post about Medical Cannabis.

Below is our enewsletter.

Do you see anything that should be banned? Or any content that is drastically different from countless other Canna companies using Mailchimp for their lists? You be the judge!

Her Canna Life – Women’s Health Edition

Welcome to Her Canna Life. We’re building a new women’s lifestyle brand for women who are interested in Cannabis. We feature women in the industry, products made by women, products women should know about, and other news and information to help broaden your knowledge and perspective about The Plant.

For this email, we’ve chosen a topic that affects us all: Our Health. Our goal is to bring you a digestible serving of links to relevant articles and posts that should be on your radar. Some will be published on our website at while others are from credible sources. We look forward to hearing from you and possibly featuring you, your business, your products, or simply YOUR Canna Life Story.

In Sisterhood,
The Canna Life Women


Cannabis and Women’s Health

Whoopi Goldberg’s new marijuana product is only for women – The actress has come out with a line of medical marijuana products to relieve menstrual pain. Also Read: Whoopi Goldberg on the Challenges of Launching a Female-Focused Cannabis Brand.

Do women’s brains make them more susceptible to cannabis addiction? – Women’s Health Research at Yale to fund study. Kelly Cosgrove, associate professor of psychiatry, radiology and biomedical imaging, and neuroscience, will receive the Wendy U. and Thomas C. Naratil Pioneer Award to examine how smoking cannabis affects the brain in women and men. As Cosgrove notes, there are differences in the ways males and females initiate use of cannabis, progress to dependence, and experience withdrawal symptoms. Her focus will be to determine the sex-specific mechanisms underlying the drug’s rewarding properties and the potential for addiction.

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Marijuana to Kick Women’s Woes – Recently, the lawmakers in New Jersey proposed a medical marijuana bill that allows the state’s women to use cannabis-based products to relieve menstrual pain and cramps. Currently, New Jersey medical cannabis law permits pot use for a few ailments including terminal cancer, certain chronic diseases, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, treatment-resistant glaucoma, and seizures.

How insomniacs find sleep with cannabis – not pharmaceuticals – “Insomnia is a disease that affects millions, and is the number one reason that women turn to cannabis – and cannabis can provide a 100 percent natural approach to managing insomnia, without side-effects.”

How Does Marijuana Affect Pregnancy & Fertility? – Emma Kaywin, a Brooklyn-based sexual health writer and activist, is here to calm your nerves and answer your questions. This week’s topic: how marijuana affects pregnancy and fertility.

From the Archives: How Does Cannabis Help Menopause?

Interesting: Walgreens Broaches Possible Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana – National brands haven’t taken a stance on weed yet, but they’ve been forced to acknowledge it. Read the blog post from Walgreens.

Meet Sue Taylor, the Black Grandmother Leading the Charge to Bring Marijuana to the Elderly – Sue Taylor is an African-American grandmother who runs three miles a day and describes her late 60s as the time of her life…She says her spiritual journey has led her to realize her soul’s purpose: to connect the elderly with weed. She’s on a national mission to do just that.

What articles or posts have you read lately that you found useful or interesting? Reply to share!

On Her Canna Life…

Cannabis and Hemp Events Coming Up – We keep updating this post so check in to see what’s happening!

Her Canna Q&A with Ashley Woodbury of Mindful Cannabis.

Her Canna Q&A with Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh of Fleurish Farms.

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